Croatia is because of its long coastline popular among the tourists from all around the world. After the last census of the population in Croatia live 4,381,352 inhabitants. Capital and the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb, is home to 980,000 people, the second largest city, which is also the largest city in Dalmatia, Split is inhabited by slightly less than 200,000 inhabitants. Due to the location between Central Europe and the Mediterranean, Croatia is easily accessible and is known for its wonderful natural and cultural heritage, friendly locals and crystal clear sea.


One of the main branches of the economy in Croatia is tourism, which brings the country a lot of money each year. There are many tourist attractions in Croatia, ranging from vacation at sea, which is certainly the most famous and popular, to hiking and trekking, fishing, health tourism and sight-seeing of many cultural and natural heritage.

The most attractive places for tourists are those by the seaside. Croatia’s coast is 5,835 kilometers long. The vast majority of the coast, 4,058 kilometers, belongs to 1,185 islands, but only 67 of them are inhabited. Croatia’s largest islands are Krk, Cres, Brac, Korcula and Hvar. All these islands are part of the Primorje, which is divided into regions of Istria, where is the biggest port in Croatia – Rijeka, Kvarner, North, Central and South Dalmatia.

There is a wide variety of accommodation in Croatia, practically all that tourist can imagine. So you can relax in a number of apartments, which are highly suitable for families, or rooms, which can be found throughout the Croatian coast. Widely distributed and also suitable for families are up to 5* rated hotels, which also provide many entertainment for children. It is also possible accommodation on tourist farms, where you can familiarize yourself with the locals and their lives. For the young is probably the best accommodation in camps, where something’s always going on and it is always suitable for socializing and entertainment. For the most wealthy tourists, it is possible to rent a villa and enjoy well-deserved vacation in it.